We can support you even moving far away from standard solutions

As a specialist in high quality investment cast products, we advise and support you with our know-how gained over 50 years. Whether you need a simple component weighing just a few grams or large investment cast parts up to 40 kg. Investment casting technology allows an almost unlimited variety of designs. We supply everything from simple products such as flanges or core bits in high volumes to extremely complex ready to install parts for system components.

From day one, we support you in the planning and technical modification of your products from our headquarters in Germany. We work with a wide range of steel materials, including ...

  • Case-hardened steels
  • Tempering steels
  • Nitridable tempering steels
  • Tool steels
  • Corrosion and acid resistant steels
  • Heat resistant steels
  • Temperature resistant and high temperature resistant steels
  • Ferritic stainless steels
  • Nickel-base alloys
  • Duplex steels

German quality and production standards “made in China”

When Swabian know-how meets Far Eastern efficiency, this means genuine added value for you. Personal contacts in Germany, established production processes and environmentally conscious methods in two in-house Chinese foundries add up to an all-round worry free package for everyone who is equally concerned about reliability, quality and price awareness. Since 2003 we have been working very closely and successfully with the two investment casting foundries in the Taizhou Xinyu Group. They cover the full range of investment casting and are specialised and certified in automotive applications.

Just 3 years later, the company “Taizhou Autowel Manufacture” was set up, a joint venture between SBV and the two Chinese foundries, as an in-house machining company. With over 18,000 square metres of production facilities, investment cast parts for the international market can be processed using more than 60 CNC controlled processing centres (with three and four axes). All products are tested using the very latest testing methods, cleaned in a continuous washing system to ensure a defined residual impurity content, surface purity and surface tension, packaged and shipped.

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Certified quality

Contact in Germany

German product liability

Intermediate storage of your products on request

Complete service - Consultancy, production and delivery of ready to install components

Competitive prices thanks to qualified production and machining in China

Quality assurance thanks to in-house production

Rapid prototyping

When genuine speed is needed, we have the option of producing the wax models using the rapid prototyping method. This enables us to offer even very small runs at an economical price without having to do without the advantages and quality of the investment casting process.



Wax model

Production of a investment cast part starts with a wax model of the part. Depending on the size and weight of the investment cast part, the wax model is then dipped in what is known as a facing and coated one layer at a time in a quartz sand spray. The wax is then melted with hot steam and the ceramic mould is fired at around 1,200 degrees Celsius.

Finished investment cast part

The hot fired ceramic mould is filled with molten metal at over 1,600 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the ceramic shell is cut off. The investment cast blank is then processed at our machining plant.

Final installed investment cast part

Our investment cast parts are prepared ready for installation. Our customers assemble the parts into modules and system components.

Specialist in ready to install parts

SBV Stahltechnik can meet the demanding requirements in the automotive industry. Our investment cast parts are easy to integrate into assembly and in many cases are an attractive alternative to conventional solutions – as well as offering excellent value for money. Many of the production steps are completed in one go during casting. Our products are used in everything from motorbike footrests to exhaust systems and turbocharger components to intake manifolds and gearbox parts.

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You can rely on it

With all our products and services, quality is the number one priority. Our plants are certified to DIN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (production location China). This means that our quality is explicitly defined and documented. This benefits you, and us. You can track what we are doing. And we can deliver to you exactly what you need.

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